How to Hire a Thief

Government provides the only known way to steal from other people legally.  There is normally no way you can just take something you want from your neighbor and keep it for yourself without breaking the law.

No Problem. You can elect representatives who will go to Washington, take money and resources from others and give those things to you. As a matter of fact that is the primary thing government does.

So, you elect a representative to work for you taking form others and giving to you. Is that good enough? No, there is a problem. As soon as the representative gets to Washington, he doesn’t need you any more at least until the next election. So the thief you just hired stabs you in the back and steals on behalf of other interests. Why would your representative do something so underhanded to the people who put him in office?  Easy, other people offer him a better deal so he discards you and steals on behalf of somebody. It is a shame it works that way but that is just the way it goes with stealing.

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The Deadly Side of Stupidity

Stupidity has its advantages. The biggest advantage is that through stupidity the truth is replaced by a notion that is far more appealing. Under most circumstances that is not such a bad thing. The universe is a harsh place.  How bad of a thing it is, depends on the nature of a persons stay on earth and what one believe the outcome will be after it is over.

All stupidities are not equal. There are some kinds of stupidity that are freely adopted as reality which result in multitudes of deaths and miseries. Some stupidities are instinctive.  A good example is the human propensity to relate to government as it were a parent. Certainly this propensity had a place in the survival mechanism of the species at one time. Family and extended family at one time constituted government.

Some examples of lethal stupidities  are the mindset of the German people in the thirties leading up to World War II. The notion that Arians were a master race was completely without merit. The end result of acting on the basis of that stupidity was the complete destruction of the German nation and millions of casualties along and destruction in other countries.

In the modern era, look at Venezuela. We do not know what will be the final outcome of the Venezuelan experiment with raw socialism. The misery is ongoing. People are starving and no end to misery is in sight. The expected benefits of a socialist economy are based on the false idea that human beings will work with one another peacefully to allocate resource more fairly than what would be the case with a free market economy. Human nature does not accommodate that approach. Self interest is the only active incentive in economics. The incentive to serve others is only imaginary. Once a system of socialism is in place, self interest does not disapprover. Instead people go about life trying to get all they can for themselves within the socialist framework. People with political power get the spoils and everyone else ends up in a world of hurt.

In the cases of Adolph Hitler and Hugo Chavez of Venezeuela, their constituents worshipped them and put faith in them as if they were Gods. Replacing the truth with a more appealing notion turned out to be deadly.

Multiple stupidities of the kinds just mentioned are guiding life in the United States at this very moment. It is very important that these stupidities be called out. Otherwise, there will be nothing short of misery right here in the United States of America.

Believing what is not true on a private basis, is not such a problem. On a national scale it is a huge problem. I write two blogs, the Chump Smartener and Fantasy Free Economics. Both sites make use of a fantasy free approach to analysis and commentary. Fantasy Free Economics deals with economic an political issues. Chump Smartener is all about finding stupidity and diffusing its influence.

Stupid or not, it behoves everyone to read through the 13 step to cure stupidity. Hard times are coming. Too much damages has occurred and it can’t be fixed before the system collapses.  Individuals can take steps to help themselves.  The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

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War as a Distraction

The economy is about to collapse. The stock market is being held up by the central banks. Surprise! There is a wonderful opportunity  to drop bombs in Syria. Federal Reserve members need to save face and escape blame. What a great opportunity to conger up a necessary crisis so that all of the coming economic damage can be blamed on an event that comes out of nowhere.

The question is. Will Americans buy into it?

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Never Trumpers Biggest Problem

In my work, presidents are treated no different than the rest of us animals. No one is held in awe, only studied according to the characteristic possessed. Candidates run out of self interest. Their reasons are their own business. Only sociopaths make it to the oval office.  They are the only ones who have to personality characteristics necessary to compete at the highest political level. So, I am not pro Trump and never will be pro any president.

A constituents job is to force representation out of a president, otherwise there won’t be any. Normally there is none for the average person on the street.

The absurdity on the part of the never Trump crowd is that they are acting like they occupy some kind of moral high ground. These are the same folks who supported a pro war, Wall Street candidate who might very well be the most prolific and best liar who has ever lived. While crying never Trump over and over again they are offering absolutely nothing as an alternative.

If their candidate would have turned out better than Trump, it would be by a very narrow margin. Their expectations of other is far greater than anything they expect out of themselves. Basically they are offering an empty box on the basis that they will put something in it someday. If these people are going to get rid of Trump, they will have to put something in their box. A box with something in it will always be perceived as better than an empty box, even if that something is not that great. These folks are their own worst enemies because they look completely silly.

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Smartening Up About Slavery

Early on slavery was the most common form of human existence. Slavery was so common that nothing critical was even written in the Bible about the institution. At least I haven’t found anything critical. Must human beings lived under slavery or a slight variation slavery up until the industrial revolution.

The practice of human beings owning each other like cattle has largely disappeared. Today there are degrees of slavery but people are not sold in auctions.

Evolution is ongoing both social and biological but one is always ahead of the other. Human beings have risen above believing in slavery intellectually. Where instinct is concerned, mankind is still more comfortable serving a master. This is why, with respect to freedom, people act one way and talk another. Instinctive compulsions are stronger than any intellectual influence to be free.

The expectation in society is that given the opportunity, people will grab as much freedom as possible and live independently. Just the opposite occurs. Folks will opt for freedom only if they can’t find a kind master, especially if they are being treated with cruelty. However, even after escaping the cruel master, they will start looking for a kinder master to serve.

Time has passed and humans can no longer buy and sell one another outright.  Government is perceived as the master and the entity to serve. Citizens relate to government as if government was a parent. When slavery was legal it was common for slaves to have a great deal of loyalty to the person who owned them. The slaves of General Bedford Forest are a good example. They fought by his side in the cavalry all through the Civil War. This kind of loyalty was very common in the south,

Many believe that the black race is the only group that lived under slavery. That is not true. Almost all caucasians lived as slaves until just a few hundred years before the civil war. So, all human beings are descendent of one kind of slave or another.

The concept of freedom is so new on history’s long time line that mankind in general is still instinctively drawn toward servitude. Government is instinctively treated as a parent and master. That was the most common relationship between masters and the people they owned.

Why do people expect so much out of government? They are instinctively pulled in that direction. Intellect has no bearing in opting for solutions. Over the years there have been countless government programs from which everyone was supposed to benefit. Not one has had a positive outcome. Still people ask for more. They are offered more by leaders. There is no chance a government initiative will ever produce a net gain for citizens. Still government control is the solution of choice. The choice is not intellectual. It is instinctive and part of human nature.

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Jesus and Chumpsmartening

This is not a picture of Jesus. This is what mankind would like for Jesus to look like. Jesus was an iconoclast and destroyed false and deceptive images.

As a Christian, I don’t ever tell folks they are wrong about Jesus ,God or Jesus as God. It is one thing to notice a spiritual presence but human beings don’t know much of anything about God. I reject the notion that anyone in the flesh is an authority on a higher power.

My take on Jesus is unorthodox because I studied the entire bible without knowing what was in it at all. No one told me what to believe or what to focus on. The conclusions I made are that Jesus was real and not a fictional character. The New and Old Testaments are not perfect books. Much of the New Testament was written with a worldly agenda in mind. The truth is there but thinking is necessary to extract the truth out of the book.  I can see that a lot of the scribes who wrote in the Old Testament, especially in the the books of Samuel and Kings were taking  a “What is wrong with this picture” approach.  Jesus was highly adept spiritually and could travel from the flesh into the spiritual world and then back again. He also knew that others could live spiritually and taught them how to do so. He also taught that consciousness  does not necessarily end when physical death occurs.

Most of all, Jesus was completely sane. He was the only one who was. He taught sanity to others. To a mental health professional, Jesus’s version of sanity does not jive even in the slightest with a psychiatrist’s explanation. To a psychiatrist, anger is normal. In the Jesus version of sanity, anger is insane. Anger is a sin and to Jesus, sin is insane. To be in sin is to be insane.  Or put differently, to be in is to be insane and to be stupid is insanity.

So, Jesus was the original chumpsmartener. Notice that with sinners and those sinned against, his big concern was the damage sinners were doing to themselves. Sinners or the insane were the focus of his ministry. I was left with the impression that salvation is achieved by becoming sane enough to be saved. The Beatitudes in the book of Matthew describe the mentality of one who is sane enough to have a saved soul.

Jesus treated the secular world as part of the animal kingdom. He was not at all complementary of government, or leaders. Jesus cautioned against becoming attached to life as an animal.

John 12:25: “He who loves his life loses it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it to life eternal.”

This is often classified as one of the hard sayings of Jesus. In the secular world mankind is an animal struggling to survive. It is a brutal existence. Is there anything not to hate in light of a spiritual alternative? Loving life in the secular world is clearly a stumbling block with respect to gaining eternal live. Was Jesus a chumpsmartener?





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They Fear Your Enlightenment

For some, stupidity is a great resource. For the stupid, stupidity is a source of happiness. Although it may be temporary, indulging in stupidity is full of rewards. For example, what can be finer for a person than believing he is better than he really is. There is even greater satisfaction when others pander to you and bolster your sense of self importance.  Often that makes you a customer and a good one. They tell you how great you are and assure you that you will be even greater just by being like them and of course buying all that they have to sell.

Who benefits from your stupidity? Everyone benefits from your stupidity, even you, but for you the costs eventually outweigh the benefits.  Your betters who you worship make a clear profit.

When the political climate changes it is terrifying to all who profit from the lack of enlightenment of the general population. For those who make a living telling you lies, the prospect of you no longer believing them is quite alarming. They fear that you will no longer worship them.


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The Truth Isn’t For Everyone

Frankly not everyone can handle the truth. Many suicides occur upon suddenly discovering the truth about one thing or another.

Wars, storms and cosmic events startle folks who have taken great comfort in imagining that life and existence are much less harsh than the average mind perceives them to be. When I speak of knowing the truth. mostly I am referring to discovering what is not true. For example, we don’t know what life, death and consciousness are. We do know that every living thing survives by consuming other living entities which are trying as hard as we are to survive. Human beings make this o.k. by insisting that our species is anointed and all of the other living things  are simply here for us to make use of.  That sounds good but there is no evidence that is true. Most humans believe they detect the presence of a higher power. I am no exception but I can offer no proof whatsoever.

The situation we find ourself in is mentally overwhelming so we imagine things are different than they are.  For example a house cat is a cute fuzzy little creature that purrs and likes to be petted. There is no part of killing a kitty does not enjoy. Kitty cats thoroughly enjoy torturing mice and rats before they kill and eat them.

I can honestly say that I am not sure that dealing with the truth is worth it for everyone. The pay off for dealing with life, people, government and everything else exactly the way it is may not be worth it under most circumstances.

The problem we face is that when fantasies replace reality for a long long time governments and the lives of citizens become unstable and these harsh realities make their presence known whether we like it or not. In these situations lives are saved by knowing that governments are not like parents and are not benevolent in any way.  When brutality makes an unexpected appearance being caught off guard can be lethal. For sure suddenly seeing life as it really is, is overwhelming.

There is one thing about truth that is definitely good. It is cheap. If you are paying someone to tell you the truth about life, a guru perhaps, stop because you are not hearing it. The truth is not something people will pay to hear or witness. They will pay countless dollars to avoid hearing it. They will pay to replace it with thoughts that are more palatable. More often than not, truth has to be imposed on folks against their will. Free is the most truth ever costs.


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Why Enforce Healtcare Laws?

What does it mean when government does not enforce laws? It means that political agendas and not right and wrong determine which laws are enforced. Selectively enforcing laws becomes a new standard or the new normal.

Sometime back enforcing immigration laws became optional. The public didn’t care. Much of the population sided with the lawbreakers. Billionaires needed new consumers and low wage workers. The public wanted to be perceived as kind hearted.

The stock market needed move higher so accounting laws and trading laws have not been enforced. Is that a good deal? You are about to find out.

Since we have made selective enforcement of laws normal is there any reason why healthcare laws should be enforced? If other laws can be set aside because of political agendas, is there any reason why the Affordable Care Act or any other law should be enforced?

Perhaps Donald Trump and the  justice department should just stop enforcing Obamacare instead of repealing the law or replacing it.

We have already established that government has no responsibility to enforce laws. Does it really matter which laws are not enforced?

Americans seem o.k. with this system.

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The Sweet Side of Stupidity

In an affluent country many years can pass without most acts of stupidity causing suffering or hardships. Stupidity can be in vogue. People worship their leaders. They worship each other. If ignorance is bliss, stupidity can be like bliss on steroids. Stupidity turns out to be a common source of happiness. In subsistence societies every thought or behavior makes a difference. Sustenance alone can be a daily adventure.

In a place like the United States, it is really only critical to sober up and pull the weeds out of the mind as little as once or twice a century. There are times when bad things are about to happen. People who are aware recognize the danger. The late 1920s were such a time. The 1930s leading up to World War II was another. The cost of being unprepared on such occasions can be mighty steep. Lives and fortunes are lost. Today, in the United States, we are in one of those critical time periods.

In these troubled times all but a few Americans are living in an unsustainable fantasy world. Fantasies can be as intoxicating as hard liquor. Most Americans today are going about life in a dry drunk. The very form of government they assume is in force has been replaced by a sinister system where the function of government has deteriorated down to performing basically two actions. Government transfers wealth and income from the unsuspecting to the elite with political power. Individual citizens see the role of government as that of elevating and protecting the self esteem of all who live here.

Democracy has been diffused as a governing force. The wealth and income transfers have gutted the poor and middle class of purchasing power.

Stupidity has a sweet side but that is going to disappear for a while. The term crisis is used so often in the media, that the term gets tuned out. The economy really is going to collapse and government will be in chaos. It is time for everyone to sober up for a while.

The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

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