With respect to new Islam immigrants entering the United States there is a huge misunderstanding. There is a general fear that ordinary Americans will not treat the new Muslims very well. That is a possibility and it is being throughly addressed.

What is not understood is that the new arrivals from the Mideast hate you even before they get here. Peaceful or not, Muslims do not think highly of the American lifestyle. American Christians and Jews are routinely deemed infidels.

Does this sound to harsh? Who cares? It is true. Christians and Jews constantly talk about Islam being a peaceful religion. Sometimes it is. Most Muslims are not terrorists. Most have coexisted with terrorism in their home countries for centuries. They don’t talk about it much.

When the country is filled with new Islamic immigrants, you will not need to discriminate against them. They will discriminate against you. That is the way things work in the lands they come from. If you want to see real discrimination, visit an Islamic country. You won’t be able to miss it.

How do I know these things? The same way anyone who talks to Muslims knows. When I want to know what is on the minds of Muslims I ask them. I am always happy to discuss philosophy with Muslims. When a Christisn or a Jew tells me about Islam I pay them no mind. In my lifetime I have known hundreds of Muslims. Most really are good people but they do not like the American way of life. They will let you know, if you get to know them