Chump Smartener’s 13 Step Program to Cure Stupidity

Stupidity is the result of indulging in imaginary ideas and fantasy. Stupidity is removed by dissolving imaginary ideas and fantasy in the light of reality. There is always a little stupidity left but a little is o.k. just like a little radioactivity is not harmful. If you are unhappy or suffering chances are the cause is stupidity. Much suffering is caused by random events. I can’t fix that. Most suffering is rooted in stupidity and that suffering can be cured.  Why is there always a little stupidity left? No new information is added. We are purging the mind of beliefs that are untrue. We can only purge the ones we can find. Also, if you are happy being stupid, there is no point in continuing with any of this. You won’t get it. When you start suffering check with me again. This is just like pulling up weeds in a garden. When the weeds are gone, only flowers are left.

1.) Belief in a higher power may be helpful but it is not necessary. Just know that in you are not in  charge. Acknowledge this so that you can move forward.

2.) Uncertainty is all there is.  No one knows what life, death and consciousness are. With respect to uncertainty, you must be willing to have it that way because that is the way of the world. Treating it otherwise does not make it not so.

3.) The human species is not anointed in any way and not at all special. As animals, human beings instinctively exalt the species. They also exalt all of the groups they are affiliated with.

4.) You are not special. Why is it stupid to feel special? There are many billions of humans all of whom believe they are special, but none of them are. You expect others to treat you as you imagine you are. Regardless others see you differently, mostly as a resource.

5.) Social behavior is governed by instinct, from grade school to the old folks home,

6.) Mankind has one basic incentive, self interest. The incentive to serve is completely imaginary.

7.) Life on earth is governed by a system of dominance and subservience. Dominance and subservience are part of every human transaction. Anytime on or more people have an an encounter the question of dominance is settled. Usually the question of dominance is settled so subtly that the issue is not even noticed. Principles of dominance and subservience are active between groups of people all they way up to entire countries.

8.) Emotions are not your friends. Emotions are like handlebars on a bicycle. You are the bicycle and whoever has the handlebars decides where you go and what you do.

9.) Happiness is always temporary. The author of Ecclesiastes understood this very well. However, peace lasts a lifetime, Sometimes it is only possible to have one or the other. Peace is achieved by purging false beliefs about oneself and the universe. Happiness often depends upon indulging in false beliefs and destructive behaviors.  Peace can be seamlessly transferred from one person to another. Happiness has an expiration date. Peace is permanent. If you must chose, peace is the better choice.

10.) Human beings have a strong propensity to worship. Some do worship a deity. Almost all claim to. Almost without exception, human beings worship each other. This is what role models are for. Athletes and others who who are paid for endorsements, depend on this propensity to worship.

11. Life is very harsh. Fantasies evolve as a means of coping. Fantasies can and do become symbiotic. Two or more fantasies can support and depend on one another. When this happens, a whole society is involved. These kinds of fantasies can be deadly. Entire lives become dependent upon believing false ideas. Lives are lost defending entirely false notions because they are the source of people’s identities.

12.) Language evolved out of a need for deception. Chances are always good that it is used for that purpose. Never doubt what you see or witness. Seriously doubt what you are told.

13.) Everyone does not think and believe like you do. Do not expect others to be as honest and sincere as you may be. There are many personality characteristics and each is distributed in a manor that is similar to a bell curve. There are people who are born with most personality characteristics on one end of the bell curve. This is the nature of the sociopathic personality.