A war Is Never Really Over

Americans are consumed by the false notion that resolution comes about if the right side wins a war. It is like, “Yea all we have to do is wipe North Korea off the map and we can get back to business.” Fantasies work that way but real world outcomes are entirely different.

What will be the outcome of a war with North Korea? We can pretend that the rest of the world is on our side. They may tell us they are. Lets take the best case outcome. That would be, destroying their nuclear capabilities and perhaps killing their leader. Suppose nuclear weapons are used by no one. The take would be, “Wow, we showed them. Now no country will ever try and mess with us again. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually turned out that way. North Korea would be another footnote in history and the theatrics about the U.S. military fighting for freedom all over the globe would continue.

Here is the way it really is. Both our friends and allies are terrified of us. Our friends would quietly be developing ways to deal with American aggression. Our detractors might feign cooperation but would become quietly aggressive in bolstering their militaries and developing plans to end U.S. military domination. So, the next big war would already be in its incipient stage.

Where our military is concerned. the biggest concern is that our actions or not moral. Fighting is done for immoral reasons and not the official reasons given. Anyone who uses natural law understands that its principles are never wrong. An act that starts with an immoral obeginning guarantees that the costs will in time outweigh the benefits.

A military victory over North Korea and Kim Jong Un would be a positive for at most five years. After that the resulting distrust would cause more military problems to bubble up across the globe. In time the other countries around the world will figure out how to end American belligerence. Do not think our friends trust us. When the time comes, our friends will join our enemies in bringing us down.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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