Why Tax The Rich?

  • Right wing socialists, republicans and deep state democrats never want to tax the rich. republicans never want to tax anyone as if government were free. Some even insist that it is free.  There is one very good reason to tax the rich. The rich are the only group which benefits from big government. Mostly the rich would not be rich without a large government that continues to grow.

Top down socialism allows the rich to rig the markets they serve and force others to spend money they otherwise would not. Government policy keeps profit margins high and real wages low.

Why does government grow? The rich lobby 24/7 to pass expensive legislation and to keep economically destructive laws from being repealed.

At this juncture it makes sense to tax the rich until they can’t see. The only way to to rein in government is to tax the parties who cause it to grow until it is more to their advantage to to lobby to cut the size of government. As a class, the poor, especially the working poor get no net benefit from government spending.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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