Second Amendment Support is Mostly Virtue Signalling

Please understand, I am just fine with open carry and everything else the gun lobby promotes. For the individual members, this is all virtue signalling and will do very little in the way of making the country more peaceful. Lets give the gun lobby credit. There is an actual agenda and they get things done. They claim to be conservatives but all they do is related to firearms. They do have specific goals and objectives. This is evidence that they are committed to accomplishing their goals.

If the second amendment folks were devoted to bringing free market discipline to the country, violence would be reduced without the aid of carrying firearms. Free markets are the the first and only cause of peace. They reduce incentives for violence.

The fact is that gun people are almost all socialists. There is no agenda with respect to repealing laws like the Full Employment Act of 1978. To maintain free market principles, this law would have to repealed because it serves as a way to dismantle the free market system. Even Americans who constantly rave against socialism, do not dream of doing things that would bring about its demise. The standard position is to rail against traditional socialism and stand firmly behind top down socialism. There is no free market movement in the United States. The Second Amendment is mostly a safe place to park oneself when wanting to appear as part of the conservative movement.



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James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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