Why Stupidity Matters

Indulging in stupidity is a great coping mechanism. The universe is harsh. Pretending that the universe is a more friendly place than it is certainly makes the stay here on earth more pleasant. Indulging in stupidity is kind of like using anaesthesia when going under the knife. All of the pain takes place and the patient sleeps through the whole thing, Being stupid is kind of a way of sleeping through life. Sleep through life and you only die once. Who is to say that the stupid are any worse off than the totally aware who deal with reality just as it is for the duration of their lives?

There is a problem when stupidity engulfs entire nations. When that happens, wars start, depressions occur and people starve. The years prior to and during both world wars were times when big clouds of stupidity covered citizens of all nations. Survival depends on a minimum of three percent of a population seeing life close to how it really is.

Stupidity disappears somewhat in these periods of great suffering, but why wait? I encourage everyone to read through the Chump Smarteners 13 steps to cure stupidity.

It is o.k. to be stupid, but it needs to be on purpose. Every person deserves the choice of smartening up. The afflicted will suffer much less during the hard times which are right around the corner.




About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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