The World’s Biggest Waste of Time

Conservatives and liberals tirelessly debate philosophy. Both sides imagine themselves and their political ideas as being important with respect to what is decided in the political arena. Political power determines government policy. Those with political power have complete control over lawmakers and which laws get passed. They operate completely outside the formal political system.

Nothing makes an elitist happier than having individual citizens argue among themselves as if someone is listening. Conservatives are the worst. They act as if changing minds to their way of thinking is going to turn the country in a conservative direction, just because their thoughts and opinions sound good. Despite all of the rhetoric there is not one conservative initiative in the United States today.

While the debate continues, both sides are getting their pockets picked. The only reward any of the participants get is a feeling of being right minded and being respected by peers.

So, how do folks accomplish anything through government? Find a way to work outside of the formal system. That is how your betters do it and they always get what they want.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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