How to Hire a Thief

Government provides the only known way to steal from other people legally.  There is normally no way you can just take something you want from your neighbor and keep it for yourself without breaking the law.

No Problem. You can elect representatives who will go to Washington, take money and resources from others and give those things to you. As a matter of fact that is the primary thing government does.

So, you elect a representative to work for you taking form others and giving to you. Is that good enough? No, there is a problem. As soon as the representative gets to Washington, he doesn’t need you any more at least until the next election. So the thief you just hired stabs you in the back and steals on behalf of other interests. Why would your representative do something so underhanded to the people who put him in office?  Easy, other people offer him a better deal so he discards you and steals on behalf of somebody. It is a shame it works that way but that is just the way it goes with stealing.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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