The Deadly Side of Stupidity

Stupidity has its advantages. The biggest advantage is that through stupidity the truth is replaced by a notion that is far more appealing. Under most circumstances that is not such a bad thing. The universe is a harsh place.  How bad of a thing it is, depends on the nature of a persons stay on earth and what one believe the outcome will be after it is over.

All stupidities are not equal. There are some kinds of stupidity that are freely adopted as reality which result in multitudes of deaths and miseries. Some stupidities are instinctive.  A good example is the human propensity to relate to government as it were a parent. Certainly this propensity had a place in the survival mechanism of the species at one time. Family and extended family at one time constituted government.

Some examples of lethal stupidities  are the mindset of the German people in the thirties leading up to World War II. The notion that Arians were a master race was completely without merit. The end result of acting on the basis of that stupidity was the complete destruction of the German nation and millions of casualties along and destruction in other countries.

In the modern era, look at Venezuela. We do not know what will be the final outcome of the Venezuelan experiment with raw socialism. The misery is ongoing. People are starving and no end to misery is in sight. The expected benefits of a socialist economy are based on the false idea that human beings will work with one another peacefully to allocate resource more fairly than what would be the case with a free market economy. Human nature does not accommodate that approach. Self interest is the only active incentive in economics. The incentive to serve others is only imaginary. Once a system of socialism is in place, self interest does not disapprover. Instead people go about life trying to get all they can for themselves within the socialist framework. People with political power get the spoils and everyone else ends up in a world of hurt.

In the cases of Adolph Hitler and Hugo Chavez of Venezeuela, their constituents worshipped them and put faith in them as if they were Gods. Replacing the truth with a more appealing notion turned out to be deadly.

Multiple stupidities of the kinds just mentioned are guiding life in the United States at this very moment. It is very important that these stupidities be called out. Otherwise, there will be nothing short of misery right here in the United States of America.

Believing what is not true on a private basis, is not such a problem. On a national scale it is a huge problem. I write two blogs, the Chump Smartener and Fantasy Free Economics. Both sites make use of a fantasy free approach to analysis and commentary. Fantasy Free Economics deals with economic an political issues. Chump Smartener is all about finding stupidity and diffusing its influence.

Stupid or not, it behoves everyone to read through the 13 step to cure stupidity. Hard times are coming. Too much damages has occurred and it can’t be fixed before the system collapses.  Individuals can take steps to help themselves.  The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

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James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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