Never Trumpers Biggest Problem

In my work, presidents are treated no different than the rest of us animals. No one is held in awe, only studied according to the characteristic possessed. Candidates run out of self interest. Their reasons are their own business. Only sociopaths make it to the oval office.  They are the only ones who have to personality characteristics necessary to compete at the highest political level. So, I am not pro Trump and never will be pro any president.

A constituents job is to force representation out of a president, otherwise there won’t be any. Normally there is none for the average person on the street.

The absurdity on the part of the never Trump crowd is that they are acting like they occupy some kind of moral high ground. These are the same folks who supported a pro war, Wall Street candidate who might very well be the most prolific and best liar who has ever lived. While crying never Trump over and over again they are offering absolutely nothing as an alternative.

If their candidate would have turned out better than Trump, it would be by a very narrow margin. Their expectations of other is far greater than anything they expect out of themselves. Basically they are offering an empty box on the basis that they will put something in it someday. If these people are going to get rid of Trump, they will have to put something in their box. A box with something in it will always be perceived as better than an empty box, even if that something is not that great. These folks are their own worst enemies because they look completely silly.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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