They Fear Your Enlightenment

For some, stupidity is a great resource. For the stupid, stupidity is a source of happiness. Although it may be temporary, indulging in stupidity is full of rewards. For example, what can be finer for a person than believing he is better than he really is. There is even greater satisfaction when others pander to you and bolster your sense of self importance.  Often that makes you a customer and a good one. They tell you how great you are and assure you that you will be even greater just by being like them and of course buying all that they have to sell.

Who benefits from your stupidity? Everyone benefits from your stupidity, even you, but for you the costs eventually outweigh the benefits.  Your betters who you worship make a clear profit.

When the political climate changes it is terrifying to all who profit from the lack of enlightenment of the general population. For those who make a living telling you lies, the prospect of you no longer believing them is quite alarming. They fear that you will no longer worship them.


About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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