Why Enforce Healtcare Laws?

What does it mean when government does not enforce laws? It means that political agendas and not right and wrong determine which laws are enforced. Selectively enforcing laws becomes a new standard or the new normal.

Sometime back enforcing immigration laws became optional. The public didn’t care. Much of the population sided with the lawbreakers. Billionaires needed new consumers and low wage workers. The public wanted to be perceived as kind hearted.

The stock market needed move higher so accounting laws and trading laws have not been enforced. Is that a good deal? You are about to find out.

Since we have made selective enforcement of laws normal is there any reason why healthcare laws should be enforced? If other laws can be set aside because of political agendas, is there any reason why the Affordable Care Act or any other law should be enforced?

Perhaps Donald Trump and theĀ  justice department should just stop enforcing Obamacare instead of repealing the law or replacing it.

We have already established that government has no responsibility to enforce laws. Does it really matter which laws are not enforced?

Americans seem o.k. with this system.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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