The Truth Isn’t For Everyone

Frankly not everyone can handle the truth. Many suicides occur upon suddenly discovering the truth about one thing or another.

Wars, storms and cosmic events startle folks who have taken great comfort in imagining that life and existence are much less harsh than the average mind perceives them to be. When I speak of knowing the truth. mostly I am referring to discovering what is not true. For example, we don’t know what life, death and consciousness are. We do know that every living thing survives by consuming other living entities which are trying as hard as we are to survive. Human beings make this o.k. by insisting that our species is anointed and all of the other living things  are simply here for us to make use of.  That sounds good but there is no evidence that is true. Most humans believe they detect the presence of a higher power. I am no exception but I can offer no proof whatsoever.

The situation we find ourself in is mentally overwhelming so we imagine things are different than they are.  For example a house cat is a cute fuzzy little creature that purrs and likes to be petted. There is no part of killing a kitty does not enjoy. Kitty cats thoroughly enjoy torturing mice and rats before they kill and eat them.

I can honestly say that I am not sure that dealing with the truth is worth it for everyone. The pay off for dealing with life, people, government and everything else exactly the way it is may not be worth it under most circumstances.

The problem we face is that when fantasies replace reality for a long long time governments and the lives of citizens become unstable and these harsh realities make their presence known whether we like it or not. In these situations lives are saved by knowing that governments are not like parents and are not benevolent in any way.  When brutality makes an unexpected appearance being caught off guard can be lethal. For sure suddenly seeing life as it really is, is overwhelming.

There is one thing about truth that is definitely good. It is cheap. If you are paying someone to tell you the truth about life, a guru perhaps, stop because you are not hearing it. The truth is not something people will pay to hear or witness. They will pay countless dollars to avoid hearing it. They will pay to replace it with thoughts that are more palatable. More often than not, truth has to be imposed on folks against their will. Free is the most truth ever costs.


About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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