The Sweet Side of Stupidity

In an affluent country many years can pass without most acts of stupidity causing suffering or hardships. Stupidity can be in vogue. People worship their leaders. They worship each other. If ignorance is bliss, stupidity can be like bliss on steroids. Stupidity turns out to be a common source of happiness. In subsistence societies every thought or behavior makes a difference. Sustenance alone can be a daily adventure.

In a place like the United States, it is really only critical to sober up and pull the weeds out of the mind as little as once or twice a century. There are times when bad things are about to happen. People who are aware recognize the danger. The late 1920s were such a time. The 1930s leading up to World War II was another. The cost of being unprepared on such occasions can be mighty steep. Lives and fortunes are lost. Today, in the United States, we are in one of those critical time periods.

In these troubled times all but a few Americans are living in an unsustainable fantasy world. Fantasies can be as intoxicating as hard liquor. Most Americans today are going about life in a dry drunk. The very form of government they assume is in force has been replaced by a sinister system where the function of government has deteriorated down to performing basically two actions. Government transfers wealth and income from the unsuspecting to the elite with political power. Individual citizens see the role of government as that of elevating and protecting the self esteem of all who live here.

Democracy has been diffused as a governing force. The wealth and income transfers have gutted the poor and middle class of purchasing power.

Stupidity has a sweet side but that is going to disappear for a while. The term crisis is used so often in the media, that the term gets tuned out. The economy really is going to collapse and government will be in chaos. It is time for everyone to sober up for a while.

The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

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James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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