The Chump Smartener

The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

Nature provides a gift to to help all species to survive. That is the ability to correctly discern the level of danger or opportunities relevant to the present moment..
This gift also gives an optimum assessment of truth or fiction of what is being observed or listened to. In human beings, nature’s discernment gift is counter balanced by the level of a person’s stupidity. To make use of nature’s gift, the mind must be free from fantasy and euphemisms
Maladaptive is a fancy word for stupidity. Stupidity in the sense that I use it is behavior that if universally practiced would move the species backward toward extinction. Closely related to stupidity is the religious concept of sin. What is sin? Sin is a an action or thought where the costs over time are greater than the benefit. Sin has benefits just as does stupidity. The benefits are all up front. The costs occur over time. Maladaptive, stupid and sin can be used interchangeably. A scientist might say an action is maladaptive and acknowledge that some of what people do reduces their chance of survival. A preacher would say we are all sinners. A person on the street would say, “Hey man that is stupid.”   They are all saying the same thing.

About James Quillian

James Quillian is an independent scholar and economist.
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