The Chump Smartener

The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

Nature provides a gift to to help all species to survive. That is the ability to correctly discern the level of danger or opportunities relevant to the present moment.. Continue reading

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A war Is Never Really Over

Americans are consumed by the false notion that resolution comes about if the right side wins a war. It is like, “Yea all we have to do is wipe North Korea off the map and we can get back to business.” Fantasies work that way but real world outcomes are entirely different.

What will be the outcome of a war with North Korea? We can pretend that the rest of the world is on our side. They may tell us they are. Lets take the best case outcome. That would be, destroying their nuclear capabilities and perhaps killing their leader. Suppose nuclear weapons are used by no one. The take would be, “Wow, we showed them. Now no country will ever try and mess with us again. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually turned out that way. North Korea would be another footnote in history and the theatrics about the U.S. military fighting for freedom all over the globe would continue.

Here is the way it really is. Both our friends and allies are terrified of us. Our friends would quietly be developing ways to deal with American aggression. Our detractors might feign cooperation but would become quietly aggressive in bolstering their militaries and developing plans to end U.S. military domination. So, the next big war would already be in its incipient stage.

Where our military is concerned. the biggest concern is that our actions or not moral. Fighting is done for immoral reasons and not the official reasons given. Anyone who uses natural law understands that its principles are never wrong. An act that starts with an immoral obeginning guarantees that the costs will in time outweigh the benefits.

A military victory over North Korea and Kim Jong Un would be a positive for at most five years. After that the resulting distrust would cause more military problems to bubble up across the globe. In time the other countries around the world will figure out how to end American belligerence. Do not think our friends trust us. When the time comes, our friends will join our enemies in bringing us down.

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The Big Three Delusions

The first of the big three delusion is that certainty exists in any way and is in any way possible. Since uncertainty is so uncomfortable the concept of certainty is imagined into existence. Throughout the world there are oases of comfort scattered around the globe. There are also equilibriums of prosperity. Certainty does not exist.

Number two is the notion that the human species is in some way anointed. It is a human instinct to exalt the species as well as the concept of self. In disciplines like political science and economics the first order of business is to exalt the species as well as the self and ascribe noble attributes to everyone. There is no way to generate meaningful answers to issues when these notions are packed into a discipline before study begins.

Number three is the belief each individual has of being special.  The notion of being special is at the root of all mental illness other than what is biological. It is hard for an individual who has no since of being special special to feel slighted by others.

Human beings suffer from many more delusions. Most other delusions could not exist without individuals first indulging in the three delusions I just mentioned.


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Why Tax The Rich?

  • Right wing socialists, republicans and deep state democrats never want to tax the rich. republicans never want to tax anyone as if government were free. Some even insist that it is free.  There is one very good reason to tax the rich. The rich are the only group which benefits from big government. Mostly the rich would not be rich without a large government that continues to grow.

Top down socialism allows the rich to rig the markets they serve and force others to spend money they otherwise would not. Government policy keeps profit margins high and real wages low.

Why does government grow? The rich lobby 24/7 to pass expensive legislation and to keep economically destructive laws from being repealed.

At this juncture it makes sense to tax the rich until they can’t see. The only way to to rein in government is to tax the parties who cause it to grow until it is more to their advantage to to lobby to cut the size of government. As a class, the poor, especially the working poor get no net benefit from government spending.

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How to Fix Healthcare

Can healthcare be fixed? Yes it can.

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Second Amendment Support is Mostly Virtue Signalling

Please understand, I am just fine with open carry and everything else the gun lobby promotes. For the individual members, this is all virtue signalling and will do very little in the way of making the country more peaceful. Lets give the gun lobby credit. There is an actual agenda and they get things done. They claim to be conservatives but all they do is related to firearms. They do have specific goals and objectives. This is evidence that they are committed to accomplishing their goals.

If the second amendment folks were devoted to bringing free market discipline to the country, violence would be reduced without the aid of carrying firearms. Free markets are the the first and only cause of peace. They reduce incentives for violence.

The fact is that gun people are almost all socialists. There is no agenda with respect to repealing laws like the Full Employment Act of 1978. To maintain free market principles, this law would have to repealed because it serves as a way to dismantle the free market system. Even Americans who constantly rave against socialism, do not dream of doing things that would bring about its demise. The standard position is to rail against traditional socialism and stand firmly behind top down socialism. There is no free market movement in the United States. The Second Amendment is mostly a safe place to park oneself when wanting to appear as part of the conservative movement.



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The Healthcare Paradox

Here is the paradox. It is working out this way just as it should given natural law and self interest. The more health insurance there is in force, the less healthcare doctors will provide.

Patients everywhere are discovering that doctors are now treating patients as if they are following a script of some kind. A doctor’s income now depends more on satisfying the needs of different insurance carriers than it comes from actually treating patients. Service from medical practices is getting worse with each passing day. Do not expect any improvement as long as a mandatory insurance law is in place.

The healthcare industry is now completely devoid of any free market influences. Guess what? Free markets are the only generators of good will that exist.

The worst possible circumstance in any market is the situation where buyers are 100% bound by free market forces and sellers are completely free from free market influences.

In the current environment a doctors spend 7 to 15 minutes with patients and rely totally on blood work and statistical models for advising patients.

The health insurance driven healthcare system is the one Americans have let their representatives adopt. It is expensive to do it that way but in days to come the biggest cost will come from lost lives.



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Do You Have a Problem?

Do you have a problem?

If you do, there are experts available to exploit your problem for a price.

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A bigger Threat Than ISIS

Are we at war with ISIS? For sure ISIS is at war with us. Unfortunately we don’t get to choose how the enemy fights. We use bombs and drones against them and they use terrorism against us.

For mid east wars it is not actually the U.S. military that is engaged. The U.S. Army as it is used today is a branch of the Army of the Deep State. The Deep State owns all of the most powerful nations and determines what fighting is done in the mid east.

U.S. troops are not actually fighting for freedom. They are fighting for corporate profits, mostly energy related.

ISIS is misguided in attacking citizens of Deep State countries. U.S. citizens, for example, have absolutely no control over what the government does. Citizens of Deep State nations do die in small numbers due to terrorism, but Americans may die in the millions if war breaks out with one or more of the non Deep State nations like China or Russia.

For years the Army of the Deep State has been the true aggressor in world military conflicts. The goals and aspirations of the Deep State are the actual cause of military and civilian casualties.

ISIS wrongly believes ordinary Americans have control over government. We must protect ourselves against terrorism regardless of the motives of the terrorists.  The true cause of casualties is the agenda of the Deep State in the mid east.


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How Smart is Your Doctor?

I caught myself wondering today, if medical doctors are really as smart as believed to be, why is their wisdom never shared with their patients? Perhaps they are not very smart at all.  The odds of getting a correct diagnosis from a doctor might actually be worse than getting a correct diagnosis from a total layman, like a truck driver or a janitor.

Don’t get me wrong, any doctor can diagnose something like a bacterial infection or some other malady that reaches right out and makes itself obvious. Most can sew up wounds and apply bandages. Doctors almost never diagnose conditions that are not completely obvious. Some surgeons are highly skilled in terms of cutting and sewing. That being said a routine office visit is generally a complete waste of time for anything other than getting prescriptions filled.

Am I being too harsh? In a completely moral world, people are paid in keeping with their utility to society. If medical doctors were paid what the market would bear based on natural economic forces, I wouldn’t even be writing this article.

My goal here is to smarten up chumps. The situation with physicians is similar with what I found among folks who lose fortunes in the financial markets. They don’t seem to mind if their losses result from the advice of an expert. It seems to work the same way with medicine. People don’t seem to mind dying if it happens under the care of a doctor.

So, are doctors really all that smart? I am betting not but it doesn’t really matter. A doctor who is brilliant and doesn’t use what he knows or apply it to his practice is just as bad as one who really doesn’t know anything.

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Trump and Climate Change

Donald Trump, totally by accident, did the right thing. Where do things like climate change treaties come from? Are governments around the world working tirelessly to do what is best for humanity?

We would all like to think governments act selflessly on behalf of their citizens. Instead, governments work tirelessly to accomplish the goals of their most politically powerful citizens. In all of history there has not been a government which has operated any other way.

The purpose of any world wide climate treaty is to regiment and control the general populations of all the world’s countries. Centrally controlled populations are much easier to exploit. To support a worldwide climate treaty is in essence a way of volunteering for slavery.

The fastest way to empower a world government under which ordinary citizens serve the interests of the elite class is to begin by establishing treaties, one after another, which subordinate individual nations to a higher order




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