The Chump Smartener

The 13 Step Chump Smartener Program to Cure Stupidity

Nature provides a gift to to help all species to survive. That is the ability to correctly discern the level of danger or opportunities relevant to the present moment.. Continue reading

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What It Means To Be Fantasy Free

What does it mean to be fantasy free? Fantasy free is the art of not believing lies. What happens if all of your happiness is derived from believing lies? There will be times when you have to cut back on the number of lies you believe. That is because happiness based on believing lies always collapses like a house of cards.

The situation is such today that Americans who go on a diet with respect believing lies.

Yes, cut back on believing lies the same way a diabetic must cut back on sugar. Believing lies does create happiness but the unhappiness that ensues often more than offsets the happiness, the lies were instrumental in creating to begin with.

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You can just go and take a knee!

There is no longer a need for saying the following. 1.) Go jump in a lake. 2.) Go take a powder. 3.) Go take long walk on a short pier. 4. Go suck an egg. 5. Take hike and of course, the old standard. 6 Get lost. 7.) Go to hell.

There are many more.

Instead say. Go take a knee!

Language continues to evolve. Go take a knee is a great phrase to add to the ones above.


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Social Media Commentators Have Common Ground

What do all social media commentators have in common? Their goal is to change other people. The Chump Smartener uses a unique approach. Change yourself.  So what about you needs to be changed? If you live in the United States chances are, you are stupid. Change that, just go about your ordinary business and the impact you will have on others will be enormous. You will have fewer friends, perhaps none but it will be worth it.

The Chump Smartener offers a 13 step program for curing stupidity.

13 Step Program to Cure Stupidity

Work through these issues and you will good to go.

Since the beginning of time countless efforts have been made to change other people. I am not sure any of them have had any success at all. Trying to change other people is a waste of time. Lowering your own level of stupidity really is the path to a better life.

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The National Anthem

Back in the days when I followed boxing, I attended the competition between the U.S. and Irish boxing teams. Before the matches, the band played the Irish National Anthem. Every single American in the crowd stood along with the Irish. All of the American boxers stood along with the Irish boxers. The band then played our National Anthem. Out of respect, all of the Irish Boxers remained standing as did the Irish fans.

When I was a child, my family travelled to Cleveland. We went to an Indians game. That was about 60 years ago. I can’t even remember much about the game other than it was eventually rained out.  I do remember the national anthem being played. The stadium was completely silent for a minute prior to the beginning of the anthem. When the anthem ended, the crowd erupted with noise and applause. The atmosphere during that experience was so overwhelming that I still remember it today.

The national anthem is not a pledge of allegiance. It is the national song. The Star Spangled Banner was adopted as the U.S. national anthem in 1931. Several other songs served as the national anthem prior to that. There is nothing political about the Star Spangled Banner. The playing of the national song before an athletic event is part of the event itself.

When players kneel during the Star Spangled banner to make a political point, it comes across as rudeness and nothing else. It is a way of spoiling the atmosphere that surrounds a game. Does anyone in the audience know exactly what the players are protesting? What exactly is the political message? What wisdom are the fans supposed to receive?

Kneeling while the anthem is being played is rudeness and nothing else.



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Smartening Up NFL Players

Rule #1 for salesmen is, never resent your customers. This applies to any business enterprise which sells a product or service. With respect to personal interaction, people actually do broadcast the essence of their inner feelings. It is easy to fall into the trap of resenting someone who has more than you do or one who appears to have an easier. Resentment is a huge sales killer.

By resenting their audience, NFL players are destroying their livelihood just to make a social statement and vent their feeling. Is the resentment justified? That is one question. Another is, is it worth it?  Everyone has to make their own deals in life. Resent the people who pay you and let them know it? You are the one who is going to take the loss.

Football is highly vulnerable to this resentment principle. People watch football as an escape mechanism. Part of what people are escaping is being constantly preached to.

The last piece of advice I have for NFL players is to make sure you know what you are talking about. Otherwise you will shorten your careers fools out of yourselves at the same time.

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Cruelty To Pigeons

Pigeons are wonderful animals. Retired people spend countless hours feeding these beautiful birds in parks around the country. Some of these birds may be descendants of pigeons who carried messages for the union during the Civil War.

It is cruel to deny pigeons access to statues of southern leaders like Robert E. Lee and others.

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A war Is Never Really Over

Americans are consumed by the false notion that resolution comes about if the right side wins a war. It is like, “Yea all we have to do is wipe North Korea off the map and we can get back to business.” Fantasies work that way but real world outcomes are entirely different.

What will be the outcome of a war with North Korea? We can pretend that the rest of the world is on our side. They may tell us they are. Lets take the best case outcome. That would be, destroying their nuclear capabilities and perhaps killing their leader. Suppose nuclear weapons are used by no one. The take would be, “Wow, we showed them. Now no country will ever try and mess with us again. Wouldn’t it be great if it actually turned out that way. North Korea would be another footnote in history and the theatrics about the U.S. military fighting for freedom all over the globe would continue.

Here is the way it really is. Both our friends and allies are terrified of us. Our friends would quietly be developing ways to deal with American aggression. Our detractors might feign cooperation but would become quietly aggressive in bolstering their militaries and developing plans to end U.S. military domination. So, the next big war would already be in its incipient stage.

Where our military is concerned. the biggest concern is that our actions or not moral. Fighting is done for immoral reasons and not the official reasons given. Anyone who uses natural law understands that its principles are never wrong. An act that starts with an immoral obeginning guarantees that the costs will in time outweigh the benefits.

A military victory over North Korea and Kim Jong Un would be a positive for at most five years. After that the resulting distrust would cause more military problems to bubble up across the globe. In time the other countries around the world will figure out how to end American belligerence. Do not think our friends trust us. When the time comes, our friends will join our enemies in bringing us down.

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The Big Three Delusions

The first of the big three delusion is that certainty exists in any way and is in any way possible. Since uncertainty is so uncomfortable the concept of certainty is imagined into existence. Throughout the world there are oases of comfort scattered around the globe. There are also equilibriums of prosperity. Certainty does not exist.

Number two is the notion that the human species is in some way anointed. It is a human instinct to exalt the species as well as the concept of self. In disciplines like political science and economics the first order of business is to exalt the species as well as the self and ascribe noble attributes to everyone. There is no way to generate meaningful answers to issues when these notions are packed into a discipline before study begins.

Number three is the belief each individual has of being special.  The notion of being special is at the root of all mental illness other than what is biological. It is hard for an individual who has no since of being special special to feel slighted by others.

Human beings suffer from many more delusions. Most other delusions could not exist without individuals first indulging in the three delusions I just mentioned.


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Why Tax The Rich?

  • Right wing socialists, republicans and deep state democrats never want to tax the rich. republicans never want to tax anyone as if government were free. Some even insist that it is free.  There is one very good reason to tax the rich. The rich are the only group which benefits from big government. Mostly the rich would not be rich without a large government that continues to grow.

Top down socialism allows the rich to rig the markets they serve and force others to spend money they otherwise would not. Government policy keeps profit margins high and real wages low.

Why does government grow? The rich lobby 24/7 to pass expensive legislation and to keep economically destructive laws from being repealed.

At this juncture it makes sense to tax the rich until they can’t see. The only way to to rein in government is to tax the parties who cause it to grow until it is more to their advantage to to lobby to cut the size of government. As a class, the poor, especially the working poor get no net benefit from government spending.

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How to Fix Healthcare

Can healthcare be fixed? Yes it can.

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